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Apr 2

Streetlight Manifesto - The Three Of Us

Ok Streetlight Manifesto released this yesterday, as a precursor to the upcoming album The Hands That Thieve (spoken about in previous post) and i feel the need to take a moment to say how amazing i think it is.

This song may of been heard on one of the live videos from Warped Tour in America last year, where you could get a bit of the beginning of this song, and from the moment i heard it i knew it was going to be brilliant. It all the features i love about the band in the song, awesome brass melodies, then their trombone player showing off for a bit. And Thomas sings really fast in one bit from “and the king said...” and i’ve always loved his voice like that. Then there is an acoustic break which came as a shock to me as this hasn’t used so much, then from here the breakdown where the guitar actually sounds quite heavy (and the bassist shows off a bit) really bring this song into it’s own, making it unique from the other songs, it’s a good new sound for them, followed by the epic jazzy style brass bit after.

I hope the album is as good as this song has now promised us! I will proabably do more on it when the album is actually out.

(P.S. sorry about all the Streetlight, i am excited about the album, and charlie is lazy. EP and gig reviews will be up in the week)