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Just thought i would take a moment to say how excited for the 5th album (3rd if only counting original stuff) The Hands That Thieve from the wonderful Streetlight Manifesto.

After waiting for what seems like forever the band announced this album of original music, which is cause for any seasoned Streetlight fan to throw a party (we’ve been waiting a while). They definitely like keeping their fan base waiting, but never fail to disappoint! this is one of the few bands i have never disliked a song of. They even kept us waiting for an exact date on this thing! But it has now been announced for the 30th of April, and along with this they have released these two samplers in the video. Even though they have played  many of their new songs whilst on their most recent tour in America, this gives as insight into how the final thing will eventually sound. From the sound of these samplers I have to say how much i love the direction the band has gone with this album, they’re sounding more Latin influenced in the first sample especially like great songs of theirs such as Receiving the End of it All. Then the second makes me think more of B.O.T.A.R (one of Tom’s side projects if you don’t know, go listen to them now) which is going to be great because i love that unique sound.

I could go on for ages about how amazing the band are, and may do a full review of the album when it’s out. And i know this news of the announcement and samples aren’t new, i still felt the need to mention them. ALSO, they have finally announced a UK tour! I would be lying if i said i didn’t have a sort of fan girlish reaction to this but I’ve been waiting for aaaages! see you at the Southampton show!

(sorry i forgot to mention this is their last album, i don’t like thinking about the sad truth.) - Another sample i found part way through writing this. - One of the new songs live at Warped tour - Bands website, can find merch, tour info all that good stuff here.